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ANNOUNCEMENTS Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Here is the schedule for Me to We week:

Wednesday – pin goatee on goat… we will be coming around the school… small prizes will be given

Friday – Locks of Love haircut… Mr. Hall… stage hopefully… will be done if we raise more than $500

Bake Sale- all week

Guess jelly bean jar- all week

Question jars- all week

Ka Pow pops will be sold at the bake sale table

All week homeroom teachers collect change to win a class piñata….. minimum $30 to enter the race for piñata…. class with most money gets the piñata and the prizes inside…. homeroom/ A block classes

Girls Lacrosse – There will be a girls’ lacrosse tryout today and Thursday at 5:15.

Boys Box lacrosse try-outs will be held in the gym at 3:30-5:00 on Wednesday and Thursday.  If you plan on trying out, please put your name on the try-out list on Mr. Milligan’s door. (LS238)

Girls JV Basketball – Please return your uniforms to Mrs. Nicholson in room 340 by the end of this week! Thanks.

Badminton – There is a brief meeting for all BADMINTON team members at lunch today in room 305 to discuss changes to the upcoming tournament.

Volunteer Opportunity: Spring Food Drive this Saturday, March 28th at various Superstore locations. See Ms. Morgan to sign up!

From Student Services – Grade 12 students are reminded to check the bulletin board outside student services for a list of upcoming scholarships.

Any grade 10 or 11 student who is interested in attending the Royal Canadian Legion Youth Leadership Camp can get more information in student services. This is a 9 day camp focusing on developing leadership skills by using elements of art, drama, athletic skills, music and dance. The majority of expenses are covered by the Royal Canadian Legion and the deadline to apply is April 30th.

All music ensembles are rehearsing this week. Woohoo! Grade 10s, see you after school TODAY. 11/12s, Wednesday. Jazz Band Thursday. Choir Friday morning!

Italy 2016 – There will be a meeting for all students travelling to Italy during March Break 2016 in room 223 on Tuesday, March 31st at 12 noon.


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