Curriculum Night – Tuesday, September 15

s2-curriculum-nightYou will follow your child (s) Monday 4 block schedule. Each session will be 15 minutes. There will be 5 minutes to move between classes. Please remember this is not parent teacher interviews. If you need to speak with a teacher about something specific concerning your child please email the teacher directly.

Please check Power School for your son / daughter’s Semester 1 schedule. You will need this information to chart your path from period A to B and C to D on curriculum night. Please bring this information with you on Tuesday evening. You can print this chart below and write your son/daughter’s schedule here.

Course Teacher Learning Studio #
Period A
Period B
Period C
Period D

If you require your PowerSchool log in, please email at least one day prior to Curriculum Evening so that you have the schedule needed.

Schedule for the evening:

6:15pm Arrival of Parents/Guardians. Light refreshments offered by student council. Maps and student                 guides will be available. Thank you to our Leadership 12 students.

6:30pm                 A period class begins

6:40pm                 Class Change

6:45pm                 B period class begins

6:55pm                 Class Change

7:00pm                 C period class begins

7:10pm                 Class Change

7:15pm                 D period class begins

7:25pm                 Curriculum Evening Ends

Please click this link for the handout in case you are unable to make it to Curriculum Night.

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