New Provincial Attendance Policy Effective October 1

As of October 1, a new provincial attendance policy developed by the Department of Education came into effect. This policy can be viewed here. This policy was developed to reinforce that regular attendance at school supports greater student success and achievement. Thresholds have been built into the new policy that requires active communication between students, teachers, administrators and families, all in an effort to reduce lateness and absenteeism. If a student misses 20% of a course the student may lose credit in that course. One major difference with this new policy is the change in attendance codes when recording student attendance. The five codes that we are required to use are P for Present, L for Late, U for Unknown Absence, E for Explained Absence and ACT for school based activity. Please note there is no longer a Special Circumstance (SC) absence. CP Allen will still have exam exemptions as outlined in our student handbook. Students will be eligible to exempt an exam if they have 6 or fewer excused absences and 6 or fewer lates in a class. If they go over in any class, they lose their exemption.

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