Documents and Forms


Exam Exemption Eligibility Document


Absence Forms

Extended School Absence Beyond Five Days


Medical Forms
(Must be filled out and brought to the school if your son/daughter has a life threatening allergy or serious medical condition).

General Health Care Plan Form (please include a photo of your child) (ms word)

Asthma Health Care Plan Form (ms word)

Diabetes Health Care Plan Form (ms word)

Seizure Health Care Plan Form (ms word)

Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan (pdf)

Anaphylaxis Emergency Form (pdf)

Administration of Prescribed Medication to Students (ms word)


Information Forms

Change of Address Form (must be completed and given to the main office if your address or phone number has changed)

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Student Success Plan

Student Success Plan (SSP)  is a mandated component of school adminstration at the Halifax Regional School Part as part of realizing the HRSB's belief that all students can learn and all schools can improve. The process identifies areas for growth within the school in consultation with all stakeholders along the lines of literacy, numeracy and effectiveness …

School Advisory Council

SAC Information The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a representative body comprised of parents/guardians, students, administration, staff and support people (including the HRM Police Liaison). Its role is to confer on important matters and secure input from all stakeholders to ensure effective decision making and shared ownership of CPA affairs. The SAC typically meets monthly …