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Staff Directory

CPA Main Number: 902-832-8964 

Report an Absence: ext. 1
Main Office: ext. 0
Principal or Vice Principal: ext. 2
Guidance Office: ext 3
Student Council: ext 4
Athletic Director: ext 5 Caretaker: ext 6

Staff Directory To reach a staff member below by phone, please first dial the school number 902-832-8964 and then enter the seven digit extension number listed below.


Name Role E-Mail Phone Ext.
Ms. Bird Principal 7551002
Mr. MacKay Vice Principal (A-F) 7551003
Ms. Wilkins Vice Principal (G-M) 7551005
Mr. Chisholm Vice Principal (N-Z) 7551004
Ms. Blight Administrative Assistant 7551000
Ms. Light Administrative Assistant 7551007


Guidance Office and Registrar (to reach us by phone, press 3)

Name Role E-Mail Phone Ext.
Ms. Swimm Guidance Counsellor (A-F) 7551010
Mr. Jennings Guidance Counsellor (G-M) 7551006
Mr. O’Reilly Guidance Counsellor (N-Z)/(DH) Personal Development 7551009
Mr. Woods Registrar 7551008
Ms. Lowe Administrative Assistant 7551001


CPA Staff *(DH) stands for Department Head

Name Dept. E-Mail Phone Ext.
Mrs. Adams Arts 7551037
Mr. Allen Science 7551328
Ms. Al-Nasrallah EPA
Mr. Andrecyk Math 7551225
Mr. Borden African NS Student Support Worker 7551107
Mr. Boudreau Social Studies 7551208
Ms. Brookbank EPA
Ms. Bucci Phys Ed 7551219
Ms. Camellato Resource (L-Z) 7551031
Ms. Cochrane EAL 7551022
Ms. Comeau Languages 7551334
Ms. Cormier EPA
Ms. Dauphinee EPA
Mr. de la Chevotiere Languages 7551339
Ms. B. Downie Languages 7551333
Ms. L. Downie Languages 7551340
Ms. Dupuy Aboriginal Student Support Worker 7551107
Mr. Edwards Music/Drama 7551112
Mr. Evanson Trades & Technology 7551136
Ms. Fiendel-Boutilier EPA
Mr. Gallant Math 7551238
Mr. Gould EPA
Mr. Gray Math 7551234
Mr. Greer Science 7551305
Mr. Gurholt (Hubley) Science 7551327
Mr. Hall Social Studies (DH)/IB Coordinator 7551317
Mr. Hirtle Science 7551306
Ms. Houston-Goudge Social Studies 7551230
Mr. Hunter Social Studies 7551137
Mr. Jennings Career Development 7551006
Ms. Joudrey Athletic Director/Social Studies 7551025
Mr. Koerber EPA
Ms. Langley EPA
Mr. Leadbeater Fine Arts 7551128
Ms. K. LeBlanc Science 7551320
Mr. W. LeBlanc Science (DH) 7551331
Lynda Smith Youth Health Nurse 7551209
Ms. Liu YMCA Support Worker 7551033
Ms. Lo Languages 7551333
Mr. J MacDonald O2 Coordinator 7551206
Ms. MacDougall Resource 7551237
Ms. Macfarlane Fine Arts 7551125
Ms. M MacInnis Math (DH) 7551241
Ms. M MacKenzie Math 7551235
Mr. I. MacLellan Math 7551202
Mr. J. MacLellan Math 7551203
Ms. Martell EPA
Ms. McCormick Science 7551110
Ms. McGaw Resource 7551036
Ms. McKee Languages 7551108
Mr. McIntyre Science 7551023
Ms. McPherson Science 7551330
Mr. Michaud EPA
Ms. Middleton Learning Centre 7551139
Mr. Milligan English 7551338
Ms. Morgan Librarian 7551141
Ms. Mosher EPA
Mr. Nauss English 7551342
Ms. L Nicholson Math 7551240
Mr. Nightingale EPA
Ms. Oswald EPA
Ms. Payne English 7551335
Mr. Peck Social Studies 7552060
Mr. Penney Englsih 7551341
Mr. Powers Fine Arts/Leadership 7551232
Ms. D. Reid Social Studies 7551233
Ms. L. Reid Social Studies 7551227
Mr. Rhymes Coop Education Advisor 7551224
Mrs. Jenn Richardson Youth Health Nurse 7551209
Mr. Richardson Math 7551130
Mr. Robertson Phys Ed. 7551220
Ms. J Ryan Social Studies (Google Class) 7551228
Mr. T Ryan Student Services (Moodle) 7551321
Mr. Schofield Science 7551325
Ms. Shannon Fine Arts/Tech 7551230
Ms. Smith Social Studies 7551231
Ms. Stanley Social Studies 7551132
Ms. Swimm Child Studies 7551010
Ms. Tam Math 7551239
Mr. Thornton Science 7551332
Ms. Van Donkelaar Math/Science (Google Class) 7551326
Ms. Walker English 7551020
Ms. Wambolt NSISP EAL 7551030
Mr. Weber Fine Arts 7551111
Ms. Whalen Fine Arts (DH) 7551127
Mr. Woods Computer Programming 7551008
Mr. Wozney Languages 7551202
Mr. Young Math 7551339



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