CPA 2017/2018 Welcome Package & Student Handbook

New and returning CPA students and their parents/guardians should take some time to read our Welcome Package here. As well as the Student Handbook here. We look forward to seeing you all on September 7th!

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Transcript Requests During Summer Months

Transcripts4Due to school being closed during the summer months if you require a transcript, please email with your request.

All transcripts will be mailed on July 21st that were requested up until July 20th.

All transcripts will be mailed on August 25th that were requested up until August 24th.

Please indicate your full name (at the time you were a student at CPA), your date of birth, year(s) attended or graduated and the complete address of where your transcript is to be mailed.


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Math Graduation Requirements for Incoming Gr. 10s

Parents of incoming grade 10s, please read this important notice regarding math graduation requirements.

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Multiple Opportunities Testing

We will be running Multiple Opportunities testing from Tuesday, June 6th – Thursday June 8th. Assessments will be written in the cafeteria. Please speak with your teachers about the assessment(s) you wish to write prior to May 30th. Keep in mind that the mark you earn on the Multiple Opportunity assessment is the mark that will be entered in Power School. Click here for the testing schedule.

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Exam Exemption Eligibility as of May 11

The exam exemption eligibility list as of May 11 is now posted on the bulletin board beside the main office as well as here by student number.
If you happened to be absent on May 11 and had not yet been excused during the time this report was generated from PowerSchool, you may not be on this list. This does not mean you are not eligible. Check your PowerSchool or check with Ms. Lowe in Room 242 if unsure.

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