Yearbook Submission Deadlines

Yearbook 3Grad Photos:  The deadline for Grad Photo submissions to Yearbook is March 1st.  There are no more opportunities to have them taken at the school, so you must contact a photographer or visit Walmart or the Superstore.  If you have had a Grad photo taken at school, and even if you did not purchase a photo package, that photo will be sent to Ms. Payne directly.  

Please be respectful of the March 1st deadline as to avoid disappointment.  Your photo will not appear in the Yearbook if you do not submit a photo on or before March 1st.  Submissions to be sent to Ms. Payne at 

Grad Write Ups:  Pink forms for Grad Write Ups will be distributed AGAIN second semester.  DO NOT PANIC if you have not submitted a write up yet.  See Ms. Payne for forms and submissions.


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Students with Outstanding Textbooks

TextbooksStudents, please check this list by your student number to ensure that you do not have any outstanding textbooks. All textbooks should be returned to the library asap. CPA currently has over $57,000 in missing books. This is a significant loss. If you have a textbook outstanding, but have lost this book, please pay the cost listed.

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Co-op Education

co-opStudents interested in Co-op for 2016-2017 should submit their forms to Mr. Rhymes as soon as possible in Room 223

These forms include: Co-op Application, Community Reference Form & Teacher Reference Forms. Interviews for co-op will take place in the spring. Inquiries can be made to Mr. Rhymes at or by calling (902) 237-3138

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Parents as Career Coaches

ParentsasCareerCoachesParents as Career Coaches emphasizes the importance of helping your children discover what their passions/interests are.  It will assist your children to identify occupations which might help them pursue their passions. Parents as Career Coaches also encourages parents and their children to consider the many practical factors that will impact career decisions, including, for example, skills, the labour market, and education and training opportunities.

Parents as Career Coaches provides you with

  • Information about what the career journey looks like, to help you deal with the many twists and turns that can occur.
  • Details of what employers are looking for in this new world of work to identify the skills and personal qualities students need to develop to be competitive in the work force.
  • Information on where to find details on specific jobs, qualifications, opportunities, training, and financing.
  • A parent guide designed to help you work with your children throughout their career journey.
  • A student workbook, which provides your daughter or son with information and activities to:
    • Identify interests and skills
    • Research occupations

Here is what other parents are saying about the program:

“I thought I would feel overwhelmed after this course, but I feel more confident and relaxed.”

“Provided ideas to start the conversations about careers.  Was upbeat and positive.”

“Awesome program, with excellent presentation, thoughtful delivery, answering many of the questions I had or would have had.”

Parents as Career Coaches Senior High

The senior high program takes two evenings to complete

School:  C P Allen High

Dates:   Monday, February, 29 and Tuesday, March 1, 2016 (snow date, if required:  March 2)

Time:  6:30 pm – 9:00 pm (each evening)

Location for both sessions:  C P Allen High

You can register for an upcoming session at  If you do not have internet access or do not wish to register on the website, please contact the school office to add your name to the session list.

Please Note:   For parents, who are unable to attend this session, a second set of workshops will be offered at Citadel High on February 2 & 3, 2016.

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The Cheetah Perspective Student Newspaper 2nd Edition

Cheetah Perspective LogoEnjoy reading the 2nd edition of The Cheetah Perspective Student Newspaper.

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