Curriculum Evening – Thursday, September 14th

Our Curriculum Evening gives parents/guardians an opportunity to meet their sons’/daughters’ first semester teachers and learn about course outcomes and expectations as well as assessment and evaluation practices. Curriculum night is not intended for individual conversations about a student’s progress, but rather to lay the foundation for your understanding and partnership in assisting your son/daughter to be successful in his/her studies.

You will follow your child(s) Day Monday schedule (ABCD). Each session will be 12 minutes with five minutes to move between classes. Please log into your PowerSchool to access your child’s schedule. If you need a PowerSchool account set up, please contact Ms. Lowe at

Schedule for the evening:

6:15 arrival (Student Council will be on hand to offer directions)
6:30 A period class begins. Each class will be 12 minutes in duration with a 5 minute class change in between.

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CPA Dance Auditions

Interested in being part of the CPA Dance Team? Auditions are September 21. For more information, contact Ms. Adams at

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CPA Sports Teams

Sports equipment with a football basketball baseball soccer tennis and golf ball and badminton hockey puck as recreation and leisure fun activities for team and individual playing.

Any CPA students interested in joining one of our school sports teams, please visit the Athletics website for tryout times and information.

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CPA 2017/2018 Welcome Package & Student Handbook

New and returning CPA students and their parents/guardians should take some time to read our Welcome Package here. As well as the Student Handbook here. We look forward to seeing you all on September 7th!

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Transcript Requests During Summer Months

Transcripts4Due to school being closed during the summer months if you require a transcript, please email with your request.

All transcripts will be mailed on July 21st that were requested up until July 20th.

All transcripts will be mailed on August 25th that were requested up until August 24th.

Please indicate your full name (at the time you were a student at CPA), your date of birth, year(s) attended or graduated and the complete address of where your transcript is to be mailed.


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