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Branch-Layout-career optionsIt is never too early (or too late) to start planning your career.  The perfect career marries your skills, interests, values and opportunity. This blend would allow you to have a career you love, that gives you the things that are important and is in demand (job opportunity in the work place). In order to begin you need to learn about yourself and gather some information about careers that are available.  Then you can plan out a course of action.

You must always remember that circumstances change, and that the plan you have now may change many times during the course of your life.  Also remember that if you need help, the guidance counsellors here at C. P. Allen are trained to take you through the process of finding the perfect job. 



Step 1: Know Yourself

It is important to examine yourself within a number of  realms.  What do you value? What are you good at (skills)?  What type of work interests you?

What is important to you is often linked to your values. 

Explore Careers by Education Program

Essential Skills Indicator (Find out your skills strength)

Take the Jung Typeology Test (Find out your personality and what occupations fit your personality)


Step 2: Know the Market

Now that you have a sense of what skills you have (abilities), what is important  (values), and what interests you, lets look at the job market.

NS Career Options


Step 3: Create a Plan

The final step is to marry the information from the previous two steps in to a career and to develop a path to reach that goal.  This will often require some post-secondary training – university, college or private institution.

Explore Career Interests

The following sights offer excellent information on career information and planning.  Please take the time to work you way through them, or see one of the counsellors to guide you through the process.– Sign up with the Activation Key: cpallen, then log in with your GNSPES student email and password.

Job Bank

Next Steps (career profiles)


Other options exist for students who want to and are able to enter the work force directly from High School.

Apprenticeship Information