Course Changes – New Procedure

course changes

Students who have been asked to come to guidance due to a conflict in your schedule (please check the list on the bulletin board by the main office), please note the following new procedure.

We will only be seeing certain grades at certain times on Thursday, September 8th (for students asked to see guidance only).

Grade 11s – can come to guidance in the am during your field/HRM gym activity. 9:25 – 10:25

Grade 12s – can come to guidance in the am during your field/HRM gym activity. 10:25 – 10:30

Grade 10s – can come to guidance in the am during your field/HRM gym activity. 11:35-12:35

Please do not come to guidance for course issues when it is not your allotted time. You will be asked to go back to the area you should be in.

If you do not have a conflict in your schedule and are only requesting a course change, you can fill out the course change form, during lunch or between classes (not during class time), leave it in the tray, and check back in a few days (or check PowerSchool) to see if the change was possible.

All students are expected to be in all classes in the afternoon on Thursday and not in guidance looking for a course change.

NOTE: The list of courses available to change into will be posted on the window of the guidance office. If the course is not there that you want…it is full to capacity and not possible to change into.

Friday, September 9th by 3:30pm is the last day we are accepting course change requests.

Transcript Requests During Summer Months

transcript requestsTranscript Requests During the Summer Months (July – Sept)

Due to school being closed during the summer months if you require a transcript, please email with your request.

All transcripts will be mailed on August 2nd that were requested up until July 30th.

All transcripts will be mailed on August 31st that were requested up until August 30th.

International University Visits at CPA

InternationalGrade 12s and grade 11s please note that over the next week a two representatives of Universities outside of Canada will be at our school to talk to students.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the intricacies of applying to foreign countries.  The University of Warwick (UK) will be in the quite room of the library at 2:30 on Friday (April 22nd).  On Monday (April 25th) NYU (New York University) will be in the library at 8:30 am


Exam Study Skills

keep-calm-and-study-for-examsAny student interested in acing their upcoming exams, please note that guidance has the thing for you.  Join us in an exam study skills class next Monday through Wednesday at lunch.  The sessions will include time management techniques, anxiety reduction practices and memorization methods. Please sign up in guidance ASAP– limited to the first 143 students.

St. FX Math Preparation Course

MathPotential Grads:  St. Francis Xavier University is offering an online non-credit university math preparation course to prepare students for university level math. If you are missing the math requirement for a specific program; academic math, pre-calculus or calculus, it will satisfy their math requirement for any program at St. FX Please contact  St. FX Continuing Ed at 1-877-867-3906  or


Course Changes for Semester 2

course changesCourse change forms for Semester 2 will be available in the Guidance office beginning on Friday, December 11. If you require a course change, come into guidance (rm. 242) and fill out the form. The list of courses available will be listed as well (note that if the course is not listed, then you will be unable to change into it). You will leave your form in a tray and check your PowerSchool or with Ms. Lowe over the next few days to see if that change has been made. The deadline for course change requests is Wednesday, December 16.