IB was the best decision I have made in my life to date, I do not regret it for a minute. The program provided me with the skills and thinking I needed for university, which is the path I chose, and the discipline it taught me has prepared me and helped me to handle the stress of university much better. (though it is not nearly as stressful as IB) Not only do I feel confident academically, the friendships I made with my peers and the relationships I built with my teachers are ones I will have for a long long time. Being a pretty mediocre student I truly believe IB is possible for anyone, and would recommend it fully to everybody who is interested. – CPA IB Grad, 2011


I am having a blast, fine arts is proving to be a TON of work but I honestly can’t imagine being in any other program. I’m so glad I followed my heart in this decision, I feel if I was in any other program I would be very unhappy at this point in time. I must say, as much as I hated IB sometimes, I am feeling prepared for uni life so I am glad I struggled through it. Even if not in the actual work but just managing my time and stress, I am prepared. – CPA IB Grad, 2011


I’m very happy that my daughter decided to do the IB program. She has become much more engaged in her education and is benefiting from a tight-knit group of IB students and respectful IB teachers. I have no doubt that she’ll start university on a much stronger footing as a result of the IB program. – CPA IB Parent


Like many parents who have been through IB there have been moments I have watched my kids struggle but I did receive the call 2 weeks after my son started university and heard the magic phrase – I am so happy I did IB – university is so much easier for me. Even yesterday he (2nd yr now) brought it up again as it pertained to the volume of reading this year. – CPA IB Parent