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ANNOUNCEMENTS Friday, October 10, 2014

Here is your Mi’kmaq History month fact of the day. Waltes is a traditional Mi`kmaq game. It is a type of dice game played on a circular wooden dish, with 6 dice made of Caribou bone. The dice have flat faces and one side of the dice have markings. The goal is to get all of the marked sides facing up.

School Photos Are scheduled for next week. Tues., Oct. 14 – Gr. 10’s, Wed., Oct. 15 – Gr. 11’s, Thurs., Oct. 16th – Gr. 12’s.

Cross Country: There will be an important meeting on Tuesday in room 327 at lunch for all runners intending to race in the regionals, Oct. 16th. See Mr. Hubley if you cannot make it to the meeting.

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