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ANNOUNCEMENTS Monday, May 16, 2016

Reminder to grade 12s that the scholarship board has been updated outside of student services. Please check this board to see upcoming scholarships.

Valedictorian Try-out speeches will take place tomorrow!


The Valedictorian Selection Committee – The following seven students will make up the student portion of the 2016 Valedictorian Selection Committee: Brodie Parks, Kathleen Kennedy, Jenna Acker, Kayley Archibald, Lexi Boudreau, Karlee Hunt, and Sarah Donlevy.

If any of you cannot be there after school tomorrow, let Mr. Milligan know ASAP. (LS 238)


Interested in being a CPA Ambassador? – We are looking for students who would be interested in being an ambassador for our international students.  The primary role of the student ambassador is to help international students integrate into their school and community after they arrive in Nova Scotia. The ambassador works with administration and the international student staff liaison within their school to create a more internationalized and welcoming environment. Anyone interested please come and see Mrs. Swimm in guidance. You may have an opportunity to attend a training camp in the summer to prepare for the role.


Anyone interested in volunteering for the Stem Cell Drive on Wednesday please go to the Youth Health Centre at lunch today for a mandatory meeting.

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