Multiple Opportunities Testing Dates (“I Got It”)


Date Subject
Tue, June 2 Social Studies
Wed, June 3 Science 10, Chem 11, Chem 12
Thurs, June 4 Biology 11, Biology 12, Food Science 12
Mon, June 8 Math (all)
Tues, June 9 Physics 11, Physics 12, Oceans 11, Geology 12

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Understanding & Promoting Resilience in Children and Adolescence – Free Talk

Dr  Ann Masten - Community Event June 17

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HRSB is Looking for Your Input

long-range-outlookThe school board is seeking input on the Long-Range Outlook, a collection of information about all schools in the HRSB.  Please visit the school board’s website at: to learn more. You can read the report in full, watch a video and/or complete the feedback form. Feedback is welcomed until August 31, 2015.

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The Cheetah Perspective Student Newspaper

Cheetah Perspective LogoRead the Cheetah Perspective student newspaper here. The students have worked hard and have done a wonderful job this year.

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Elections Nova Scotia Information for 16-17 Year Olds

Elections_Nova_Scotia_logoThe Register of Electors is a database of Nova Scotians who are qualified to vote in provincial elections. It includes the name, date of birth, sex, civic address, and mailing address and whether the elector voted in the latest general election. ENS continually updates the register based on data received from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Vital Statistics, extracts of the National Register of Electors from Elections Canada, and through local governments when they use an extract of the register for their elections. An elector’s civic address determines the electoral district and polling division in which they reside and the polling location where they vote.

The Register of Electors may only be used for electoral purposes. At the start of the 39th Provincial General Election, the Register included 709,450 registered electors, approximately 93% of the eligible voting population of Nova Scotia.

Young Nova Scotians who have not voted in a provincial election is difficult. In 2011, the House of Assembly made provision in the Elections Act that authorizes Elections Nova Scotia to gather and maintain information about 16 and 17 year olds who would qualify as electors when they become 18 years of age. As well, it provides for Elections Nova Scotia to be provided the personal information held by a public body as required to create, revise, or update the Register of Electors.

Once high school students graduate and leave their family home to work or for post-secondary education, it is very difficult to reach them for registration purposes. Elections Nova Scotia, with the cooperation of the Department of Education and Nova Scotia School Boards, is devising a program to reach students in Nova Scotia schools who are currently 16 years of age or older in anticipation of adding them to the Register of Electors when they become eligible.

The intent of the program is to address the large gap between electors 18-24 years of age and older Nova Scotian electors.

What this means is that schools will now share 16 and 17 year old student information with Elections Nova Scotia so that these students are now put on the electoral database. Please know that students may opt out of this list once they have put put on it.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please contact Elections Nova Scotia.



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