Multiple Opportunities Week – NEW DATES

We will be running Multiple Opportunities testing from January 9 to 12 (pushed up by one day due to the two-day school closure). Please speak with your teachers about the assessment(s) you wish to write prior this week. Keep in mind that the mark you earn on the Multiple Opportunity assessment is the mark that will be entered in PowerSchool.

January 9 – Science
Room 331-332 (SCI 10, 10F, 10IB) (Bio 11,11F,12) HBO, Oceans
Room 231-232 (Chem 11,12) Physics 12
Room 330 Physics 11

January 10 – Social Studies & Languages
January 11 – Math Day 1 (re-dos before mid term)
January 15 – Math Day 2 (re-dos post mid term)

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Shoe Box Drive Thank you!!

The CPA Interact Club wants to thank everyone who contributed to our shoe box drive. As a result of this endeavor, 34 woman in local shelters will receive shoe boxes filled with love and holiday cheer.

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Course Change Request for Semester 2

Course change request forms will be available in the guidance office on Monday, December 11 and Tuesday, December 12. A list of available courses for sememster 2 will be listed outside of guidance. If a course you were hoping to switch into is not listed, unfortunately this means the course is full and a change would not be possible. Teacher changes or block changes for the same course are not permitted. The deadline to submit your course change request is Tuesday, December 12 at 3:30pm.

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UPDATED DECEMBER 4 – Bus Schedule Changes as of December 6

To improve bus arrival times, please see the attached list of all Charles P. Allen morning route schedules updated by Stock Transportation on December 4. Please take special note that all routes have been adjusted. The schedule changes will be effective Wednesday, December 6th, 2017.

If you search routes on the board website now, you will notice that the new route schedules have recently been posted. This was necessary in order to provide you with the schedule (attached). However, we are providing one week’s notice for the implementation of these changes.

CPA Route Changes

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CPA Newsletter

Lot’s of great things are happening at CPA. You can read all about it in our November Newsletter here.

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