Multiple Opportunities Testing

We will be running Multiple Opportunities testing from Tuesday, June 6th – Thursday June 8th. Assessments will be written in the cafeteria. Please speak with your teachers about the assessment(s) you wish to write prior to May 30th. Keep in mind that the mark you earn on the Multiple Opportunity assessment is the mark that will be entered in Power School. Click here for the testing schedule.

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Exam Exemption Eligibility as of May 11

The exam exemption eligibility list as of May 11 is now posted on the bulletin board beside the main office as well as here by student number.
If you happened to be absent on May 11 and had not yet been excused during the time this report was generated from PowerSchool, you may not be on this list. This does not mean you are not eligible. Check your PowerSchool or check with Ms. Lowe in Room 242 if unsure.

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CPA Newsletter

Please read the May edition of our Newsletter here.

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Yearbook Important Information

Grad Photos for Yearbook:  Deadline for submission of Grad Photos is May 1st. Submissions are to be sent to this address:

If your grad photo was taken at the school, the photographer will forward a copy to us directly even if you did not buy a package. If you are submitting a photo taken elsewhere (Walmart, etc), please send a digital copy to the above address.  Please include your name with the submission. Pictures of a proof will not be accepted.

Yearbook:  This year has been challenging for the Yearbook Committee; hence, we have opted for a Fall Delivery of the Yearbook so as to include pictures from end of year activities.  More information on Yearbook will follow in the coming weeks.  Please refer to the CPA Website for further notices.

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Parents as Career Coaches (May 15 & 16)

Parents as Career Coaches is for parents (grand-parents etc.) of students in grades 9/10 to 12. It will provide you with the tools and information to assist your children with exploring potential occupations which will help them to identify and explore careers, which relate to their interests and skills. Parents as Career Coaches also encourages parents and their children to consider the many practical factors that will impact career decisions, including skills, the labour market (what occupations are in high demand), and the education and training requirements to pursue these goals. For more information and to register click here.

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