Diploma Preparation, Grade 10

The IB Program does not begin until the Grade 11 year. However, the province of Nova Scotia has created five Diploma Preparation classes for students in Grade 10 who may be interested in taking IB. These classes follow provincial curriculum at a faster pace and may explore concepts more deeply. Some IB style assessments are introduced in the DP classes. A student who takes DP is not required to continue in the program. Alternatively, a student who does not take DP is still able to enter the program in grade 11. A DP student chooses from a set list of classes which include:

 Diploma Preparation Math

 Diploma Preparation English

 Diploma Preparation French (Immersion students are not eligible)

Diploma Preparation History

 Diploma Preparation Science

Note: If a student is unsuccessful in either English 10/English 10 Diploma Prep or Math 10/Math 10 Diploma Prep they will not be eligible to enter the IB.

Summer Reading

Incoming pre-IB students are encouraged to read at least two of the works linked here.


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